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if any of you are into yoga, you may recognize this:

Firefly Meditation
sit with your spine comfortably erect. exhale completely. inhale through your nose, imagining a standing wave rising in your body. exhale through your nose, imagining light emanating from every pore of your skin. call on the spirit of firefly and ask:

be with me and help me to emanate light as naturally and effortlessly as you do.
do this for a few minutes. in addition to physical benefits such as calming your body, stilling your mind, helping blood pressure and heart rate, and balancing your nervous system, it has more spiritual effects--it improves your sense of personal boundaries, it protects you from others draining your energy, and it helps prevent you from unintentionally taking on other people's emotions and energies.

hi. i realize it's been a long while, and i haven't said a word. i'll be posting more, and hope to see more posts from you guys! here's a question--how do YOU define spiritualism?

i love you.
the mod
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