WomanInRedXx (womaninredxx) wrote in spiritualism,


Just thought I'd join, just cuz I'm in a lot of other groups where people have similar interests and since that is my religion of CHOICE, I just wanted for them (If they wanted to lol) have a place to go and learn. I Was wondering how many here would actually define their religion as spiritualism? For me some life changing events forced me to alter my religious beliefs to adapt to what what happening. By religion, I mean something that you belive in so strongly it changes how you live your life. For me, the whole premise of the spiritualist religion is the afterlife, and in a way to prepare for it which changes how I live now. Ie, if I realize that if I die, or even do something to cause that, I'm just left with the same problems but less tools to deal with in the next life. I'm fairly passionate about that belief lol as you can tell from this post. But most of the time when I'm not talking about spiritualism I'm a lot more low key lol. sorry

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